Install email on IOS8 iPhone (Depreciated see new doc instead)

Follow the instructions in the link below to install your undoLogic email to your iPhone device.

NOTE: If you are experiencing issues we recommend to remove the mail account and re-add in settings (as long as you added via IMAP no emails will be lost)

Please change the following in the instructions to your personalized settings:

Host Name: Change to => mail.:LOGIN_DOMAIN 

AND if you want to establish a secure connection change to => mail.:LOGIN_SERVER

Email: and change to the email you were assigned.

If you prefer, we can help you configure your device with you, billed per our hourly rate.
Simply reply to this email and we will contact you and to get started.

Step #1: Settings

In your iPhone Settings, locate "Mail, Contact, Calendar"

Step #2: Add Account

Click "Add Account" in the "Mail, Contact, Calendars" page

Step #3: Other account

Choose the "Other" option at the bottom of the list

Step #4: Add mail account

On the "Other" page, click "Add Mail Account"

Step #5: Account info

Fill in your information and click "Next"

Step #6: IMAP information

Select "IMAP", fill in any missing information in form and click "Next"

Change all '' to your domain name of your company. e.g. if you own you would enter for the Host Name AND for the User Name

SECURITY: if you want to use email security you need to use the server domain name for the Host Name
e.g. Change Host Name to '' / But leave the username as your email address

This was included with your setup package. You can also get this from or emailing undoLogic support for the specific server for your account.

Step #7: Server identity

If you entered your domain name in the Host Name (previous step) you will receive a popup that says "Cannot Verify Server Identity".

From here, you click "Continue"

Alternatively if you used a secure connection in the previous step you will not receive this warning.

Step #8: Confirm

Click "Save"

Step #9: Mail and Notes

Make sure "Mail" and "Notes" are turned on, then click "Save"

Step #10: List of Accounts

Your new email should now appear in the list within "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

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