Import your email, contacts and calendar into an Android Nexus tablet

Steps 1-11 apply to Email

Steps 12-16 apply to Contacts

Step #1: All Apps app

When in the "All Apps" view, click the mail icon

Step #2: Add email

Add a new email address

Step #3: IMAP/POP

Select the IMAP/POP option and click OK

Step #4: Add email address

Type in your full email address and click NEXT

Step #5: IMAP

Select IMAP

Step #6: Email password

Type in your email password and click NEXT

Step #7: Incoming Server Settings

Type in your Incoming Server Settings and click NEXT

Step #8: Outgoing Server Settings

Type in your Outgoing Server Settings and click NEXT

Step #9: Choose Settings

Choose the settings you prefer and click NEXT

Step #10: Choose account name

Type in the name you wish to associate with the account and the name that you would like to appear on outgoing mail

Step #11: Account on Nexus app list

Now your email account should appear on the Nexus' "Email" app list

Step #12: Go to contacts

You'll need to generate a vCard file from your current list of contacts. For this example, I'll be exporting my contacts from the Gmail-based system.

Go to your contacts, click "More" then "Export"

Step #13: Choose options and Export

Choose "All Contacts", "vCard format" and click Export.

Step #14: Email attachment

Once the file is downloaded, attach it to an email and send it to the email you setup on your Android tablet.

Open the email with the attachment on your tablet. Click the three dots on the right of the file name to download file to tablet.

Step #15: Open Contacts app

Then open your Contacts app and click Import Contacts

Step #16: Contacts list

You should now see your contacts

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