Create an FTP account

How to create an FTP account and download an FTP program

Step #1: Log in

Log in to your Control Panel and click "FTP Manager"

Step #2: Username and password

Write in a username and password that you'll remember. Then click "Add"

Step #3: Change password

Change a ftp password. Click 'change password' next to the user you want to modify.
Note: if you want to change a username, you need to delete then re-add the user with a new name (see above)

Step #4: How to ftp files to your server

Download Filezilla Client ( and install. Open Filezilla and create a new site by clicking an icon in the top left.

Step #5: Adding new site to Filezilla

Click "New Site" ("1") in the bottom left part of the window and fill in the following information:
Logon Type: Normal
User: (this is the name you entered when you added your subaccount in Step #2)
Password: (this is the password you entered when you added your subaccount in Step #2)

Step #6: Last step

After clicking "Connect", you can then upload files from your computer ("Local Site" in the left column) to the "www" folder online ("Remote Site" in the right column)

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