2 - Install VMware on your computer

Step #1: Download VMware

Download VMware in your computer

Step #2: Installation Steps

Install VMware

Step #3: Installation Steps

Continue Installation

Step #4: Terms and Conditions

Agree to Terms and Conditions

Step #5: Accept Changes

Accept Changes in your local computer

Step #6: updates

Skip updates 

Step #7: Create Virtual Machine

-> Now Start VMware Fusion

->Click 'create a custom virtual machine'

-> Click continue

Step #8: Choose Operating System

Choose windows 10 x 64 and click continue

Step #9: Choose a Virtual Disc

Select 'create a new virtual disk' and click Continue

Step #10: Configuaration Complete

Click 'Finish' ( Configuration of this virtual machine is complete) 

Step #11: Save it

-> Save it in a folder of your choice ( In this case: it is saved as Windows 10 x 64  in staff->virtualMachine folder)

-> Click Save

Step #12: Install Operating system

Click Virtual Machine -> CD/DVD (SATA) -> Choose Disc or Disc Image

Step #13: Choose the file

Choose the windows 10 file in your computer and click 'Open'

Step #14: Connect CD/DVD

->Select CD/DVD -> Connect CD/DVD


Step #15: Windows setup

(If the window does not pop up click ESC button )

Step #16: Windows setup contd

Select desired Language, Currency and Keyboard options and click 'Next'

Step #17: Install

Click 'Install Now'

Step #18: Accept License Terms

Check 'I accept the license terms' and click next 

Step #19: Install Contd

Select Custom:  Install... and click next

Step #20: Windows setup contd

click next

Step #21: Windows setup contd

windows setup contd

Step #22: Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Step #23: Sign in with micro soft account

Sign in with micro soft account

Step #24: Windows is ready

Windows is ready

Step #25: Install VMware tools

Click Virtual Machine -> Install VMware Tools

Step #26: Install VMware tools cont'd

Install VMware tools cont'd

Step #27: Install VMware tools cont'd

Install VMware tools cont'd

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