Vacation response for individual staff using webmail

How to activate your vacation response using webmail. 
-> This allows staff to manage their vacation response on their own.

Step #1: Login to Webmail

First login to your webmail account

you can use:
-> eg is our webmail access

Alternatively you can use

Step #2: Click OPTIONS

You are now viewing all your email
-> Click 'Options' on the top menu

Step #3: Email Autoresponder

Scroll down and click 
-> E-mail Autoresponder

Step #4: Settings

You are now viewing the settings for the auto-responder

  1. First choose if it is active between a date range OR if it is active ongoing
  2. If you choose between a date range choose the start date and the end date
  3. Choose how often the system responds to your contacts (eg once a day should we email to give your message OR a certain number of responses within a timeframe)
  4. Add your message that will be sent to your contacts
  5. Click Update - The system will now respond to your contacts 

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