How to archive / backup email to dropbox to free up space on your email account

The steps below will show you how to archive and or backup email to dropbox to free up space on your email account

Step #1: Thunderbird + Connect

Download and install thunderbird on your computer.
Use your existing email and login to your email account with your username and password.

Step #2: Sort by

Sort email by Date and only select messages older then a year ago.

Step #3: New Folder

Create a new folder in dropbox

Step #4: Move emails

Drag and drop email from thunderbird -> dropbox

Step #5: Note messages

Note the selected messages at the bottom of thunderbird

Step #6: Delete messages

Delete the emails (i.e. the onese you backed up) from Thunderbird

Step #7: View on

To access your emails login to
-> Navigate to the folder with your emails
-> Click to download a message

NOTE: Dropbox does NOT view emails, you must download and open them with Outlook / Mail on your computer

Step #8: Dropbox SYNCED locally

Ideally if you have your emails folder from DropBox synced to your computer you can SEARCH and open messages easy using FINDER


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