Moving Domainname

If you need to move a domain (aka point a domain name to a new location) follow these instructions

Step #1: Target hosting

Login to your NEW hosting (the target) and get the information that will allow to point the domain to this hosting.

You have 2 options how to point a domainname
1- DNS: this will point all web traffic AND email 
-> Control Panel: note on the left side 'Server Name' eg
2- A-RECORD: this will only point the web traffic and will leave the email along
-> Control Panel: note on the left side 'Primary server IP address'

Note this information for the next steps

Step #2: ENOM > Update DNS

Login to your domain name management panel

Navigate to 'DNS server settings'
-> click 'custom'
-> in name server 1: Put NS1. (the previous step the server name) EG
-> in name server 2: Put NS2. (the previous step the server name) EG

NOTICE: AFTER you click 'SAVE' all previous settings (websites / emails) they will no longer work
-> Ensure the NEW hosting is already setup BEFORE you click 'SAVE'

Step #3: ENOM > Update A-RECORD

If you want to leave the email settings, you should update A-RECORD so only website traffic gets pointed to the new server

Manage domain: select Host Records

Enter your main server address from the previous step
-> www / normal website entry point
-> @ / when NO www is entered into the address bar
-> * / another subdomain NOT defined (eg

Ensure each 'Record TYPE' is set to 'a (address)'

Step #4: SureSupport > DNS

To modify the DNS for a domain hosted with SureSupport
-> Login to the domain control panel (
-> Click 'DNS settings'
-> Click 'Customer Nameservers'
-> Domain name server 1: enter ns1. (the previous server info) eg
-> Domain name server 2: enter ns2. (the previous server info) eg
-> Click SAVE

NOTICE: any previous EMAIL AND WEBSITE settings will no longer be connected after you click 'SAVE'

Step #5: SureSupport > Host Records

If you want to ONLY direct WEBSITE traffic you can use Host Records

Login to your domain name control panel (
-> Click 'Host Records'
-> Add your 'primary server address' from the previous step
-> * = all subdomains NOT defined / @ = when NO subdomain is not defined / www= a subdomain www is defined
-> Click SAVE

NOTICE: All previous WEBSITE defined in the A-RECORDS will be disconnected when SAVE and the new settings will be active


Step #6: Updated

After you update the DNS / Host records

It can take up-to 24 hours for the changes to take effect
-> However lately these settins do update in less time.

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