Increase email storage

SetupCase email solutions include Email that can be adjusted in line with the requirements. 

We offer mailboxes as big as 10 Gigabytes. 

Step #1: Mail Manager

To make changes to your email solution, 
-> Login to your control panel
-> Click Mail Manager

NOTE: if you do not know your control panel login information: contact undoLogic support and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Step #2: Email List

Here is a list of all your email account in the domain
-> Notice the column 'disk usage'
-> Click on the max amount to adjust this max value

Step #3: Change

From here you can adjust the max email box size 
-> The max amount is 10 Gigabytes (This is a lot of email)

Step #4: Adjusted

After you made changes you will notice that the max amount has been changed. 

NOTE: if you still need more room consider archiving emails to your local dropbox click here. 


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