Database Backups

All hosting solutions include a 7 day backup and restore feature, so you have peace of mind knowing your data is being saved.

Step #1: Hosting solutions

Files can be restored from the control panel using the 'restore' button

Step #2: Downloading an Offsite backup

If you want to download an Offsite backup of your files you can do so by logging-in to the database section in your control panel

Step #3: Login link

Then click the "(log in)" link at the bottom of the blue box

Step #4: Mysql Database

You are now logged into the Mysql Database. And you should see the following: Choose the most recent database which is the highest letter of the alphabet
Note: Every major upgrade the database is duplicated to a new letter, so only the newest letter is the up-to-date database

Step #5: Export

Now choose 'Export' from the top menu; choose Custom; click Select All; choose Save output to a file; ensure format is SQL; then click Submit

Step #6: Downloaded SQL file

This now downloaded a SQL file of all the database infomation, that a developer can use to rebuild the website

If you want to download a specific table to EXCEL: Allows to open the info in Excel and view / use it
Click Export; choose custom; set dump all rows; set save output to a file; change format to CSV for MS Excel

This will download a CSV file (which is a spreadsheet) and can be opened in EXCEL or another spreadsheet program to view and interact with the data in an organized format.

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