Restore your files from a backup

Included in the hosting is 7 days of backups. So in the advent of any issues you can restore to a point within 7 days ago. 

Step #1: Control Panel

Login to your control panel
-> click on 'Restore'

Step #2: Choose

Choose your restore type
-> System backup: This is a backup performed automatically for the last 7 days. 
-> Personal Backup: This is a one time backup which you can perform at a certain point in time (limited to one backup). To create a personal backup you must follow these instructions


Step #3: System Restore

If you are restoring a system backup
A- Choose the day that you want to restore to: 7 more recent days are available
B- Choose the subdomain : eg www is your live website, the others are different subdomains
C- Restore mode: this is delete all the files and restore OR only restore the missing files. eg if you accidentally deleted a few files you can choose merge no overwrite and only the missing files would be restored
D- Destination: You can restore to the same location OR you can choose another location on the server to restore to
E- Click Restore to begin

Step #4: Personal Restore

Choose the subdomain to restore: EG www is your live website

Choose if you want to delete the files and restore OR only restore the missing files

Choose to the same directory or a new directory

Choose Restore to begin

Step #5: System Restore - MYSQL

To restore the MYSQL database
-> First choose the date you want to restore FROM
-> Next choose which database and where it should be restore TO: eg if you want to replace choose the same or you might want to restore to a new database table and keep both
-> Choose ALL tables within the database OR select which tables to be restored
-> Click Continue to begin

Step #6: Warning

BE CAREFUL: you can delete live data, ensure you have double checked your settings

NOTE: if you restore to todays backup the data that was gathered today on your website will be lost and not able to be recovered.

Step #7: Working

The system is now performing the restore
-> When done you will get a message 'OK'

DONE: your files have been restored !

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